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The area of my research is design and development of low power and low noise analog signal conditioning integrated circuits with focus towards their application in biomedical systems. One aspect of my research is the design and development of ultra-low noise instrumentation amplifier (ULN-INA) as plug-in solution that can be used to record various bio-potentials as well as signals from bio-sensors. This fabricated INA has achieved one of the lowest Noise Efficiency Factor, as reported in literature till date. We have successfully demonstrated a complete ExG (ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG) measurement system built using our CMOS custom designed application specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Further, we have also developed a programmable gain and bandwidth INA (PGB-INA) that is highly versatile and can be used to acquire a variety of bio-potentials and sensor signals. The other aspect of my work is the development of an ultra-low power (< 200 μW) pulse oximeter (PO) ASIC suitable for application in wearable platforms with tolerance to the unavoidable finger movements. To demonstrate the functionality of the custom designed PO ASIC, we have made a fully functional pulse oximeter prototype, OxiSense. By virtue of its novel signal processing algorithm, the PPGs acquired by OxiSense is relatively immune to minor motion artefacts like shivering and finger movements which are unavoidable in many patients.

This research was funded by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MeitY), Govt. of India and was carried out in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay with my research guide Prof. Maryam Shojaei Baghini. All the designs are silicon proven which have been fabricated in UMC 180nm mixed-mode CMOS technology by the Europractise-IC fabrication service (mini@sic) of IMEC.

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  1. Inventor in a patent filed on Ultra low noise instrumentation amplifier. Patent pending.
  2. Co-inventor in a patent filed on handheld pulse oximeter recording and analysis system. Patent pending.
  3. Co-inventor in a patent filed on a novel method for comparator input offset compensation. Patent pending.
  4. Co-inventor in a patent filed on a design method for low-power low-noise bio-medical signal conditioning circuit with extracted noise and mis-match parameters. Patent pending.
  5. Co-inventor in a patent filed on voltage mode log domain low-pass filter. Patent pending.
  6. Co-inventor in a patent filed on SAW resonator oscillator based injection locked OOK transmitter for health care applications in MedRadio spectrum (401-406 MHz). Patent pending.
  7. Co-inventor in a patent filed on design considerations for transmitter and receiver for personal health care applications. Patent pending.
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